Monday, 6 February 2012

Tomorrow I have Progress Test 2...

Assalamua'laikum...and Good Evening to everyone,I' hope you all fine always..this night I did't have mood to study for progress test 2 for tomorrow.I did't know why I always fill like that for many time went exam.Tonight,I heard the "Ceramah From Ustaz Azhar Idrus" while upgrade my blog,this because I fill so some dissonant...(I don't know why) maybe at the first day the UBI 1022,miss has told about blog right, but I did't heard clearly or remember it at well...hahaha,like old malay proverb said "Masuk telinga kanan ,keluar telinga kiri" right! okey I have not much time to writting at more,I have something to do Good Night!!
( If I have a free time I will Upgrade this "POSTS")

What a new words you learned in class UBI 1022 at last week's?

Last week, at the fisrt class UBI 1022 I have learned many new words like; 

  Airman(Juru Terbang)

Parachute(Payung Terjun)

      Shelter(Tempat Berteduh)
and more than that in the title 'Survival Course For Airman'. In addition, in the chapter 'The Structure Of A Butterfly', I also learned something new in distinguishing between the butterfly and the moth.
Okey that's all from me....Thank you for reading my writting.... :p

Saturday, 17 December 2011

"My feelings and expectation in UBI 1022's first class".

Assalamua'laikum.....and good everning.
At the first time,during class UBI 1022 my feeling and expectation in this class is very boring, not fun and  I have a little awkward and compared to the Sir Firza classes where the class was cheerful and exciting with him.This is because,previously first time class UBI 1022 I learned it with my friends in an accounting course,but in this time without my expectations I was placed in the another UBI 1022 class with a combination of various course such as Finance, IDE, Intrade and more.After that,I get a new lecturer, her name is Miss Junaidah Binti Abdul Rahman.She will teach me in UBI 1022 classes for the second semester at my university. I expect that she is a strict person, serious and also fincky. This because, I saw the way she spoke and her face.The Malay proverb first " Tak kenal maka tak cinta" this proverb is very match with my title today.This is because,all my feeling and expected to this classes is not true.However,I felt excited and so happy because I have beautiful and kind-hearted lecturer and new friends that were very helpful especially when I'm not very smart in English...hahaha...what a funny statement I made...but I'm really grateful that I have friends that really understanding. Sometimes I wonder why my lecturer ask me and my fellow classmates to make blog. Now I think it's reasonable why Miss Junaidah ask her student to make blog. That is because when I'm writing this, I feel some kind of relief. It feels like i just fart...hehehe...just kidding...I don't know what it is but I feel relief somehow. Let's get back to our topic, well my first class seems very difficult to me, you know, new lecturer, new friends, new class, new timetable, but everything happened in this world has a blessing in disguise. When I faced this kind of situation, i'll learn new thing and gain new experience. It made me grow stronger mentally. Some says "Experience Is The Best Teacher You Got". Well, I think that suits me better. Last but not least, for me, there is nothing happened for no reason, and i want to take a vow for myself that I'll take this chance to improve myself for my family, religion, my country and also for my own race....--> peace<--....<3